All You Need to Know About a Citrus Reamer


What is a citrus reamer, you may be asking? An electric citrus reamer is also referred to as a lemon reamer or a reamer. This small kitchen tool is normally used to extract juice from lemon as well as extracting juice from other kinds of fruits. The stainless steel citrus reamer features a convexly tapered conical blade on one end with strong straight troughs running through the blade. In addition, the tip of the blade is a very smooth spike.  At the other end of the wooden citrus reamer is a cylindrical handle. If you looking for a top rated juicer guide – click here!

The blade is normally made of metal, wood or plastic. On the other hand, the handheld reamer is normally held with one hand while the lime or the lemon is held by the other hand. Actually, this is a new adaptation of the standard plastic or conventional glass reamer with a juice rim that used to be placed on a flat surface and then pressed downward.

How to use a citrus reamer

It is very easy to use a hand reamer. The first thing you need to do is to slice the fruit that you want using knife. Ensure you slice the fruit along its equatorial midsection.  Now hold the fruit using one hand while the other hand is holding the reamer with a hand held citrus reamer. First of all, you need pierce the flesh of the fruit using the tip of the reamer blade. The next step is to grind out the inside following a twisting wrist motion until you have extracted all the juice. The reason for doing this is to dislodge the seeds and a few amounts of pith. Therefore, you need to strain the juice before using it. The machine works well with lemons and limes. However, larger citrus fruits such as grapefruit need a bigger device.

Description of a Glass citrus reamer

The glass citrus is designed and made in Italy. It features a very strong pressed gas. What you will love about this classic juicer is the fact that it can easily squeeze juice from limes, lemons, grapefruits and even oranges. You only need to press half of the fruit onto the glass reamer and then twist it. The reservoir is conspicuous enough to hold as much juice as you want.  On the other hand, the glass teeth keep the seeds separate.

Features of the best citrus reamer

Metal citrus reamer use is specially made to squeeze juice from fresh fruits such as lemon, grapefruits and oranges. It is quite convenient especially for dip-free pouring. It features glass teeth catch seeds that prevent the seeds from combining with the fresh juice. The citrus juicer reamer is made of pure glass and it measures 8 inches long, inches wide and a height of 3 inches.

Advantages of glass citrus reamer

It is very convenient as you can use it to cut any type of citrus fruits and in any size you want. It is reliable, because it does not depend on electricity to function, you only need to use your hands to squeeze juice out of the fruit. You can easily pick up a citrus reamer. Walmart has them!

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