Understanding the New Phase: Juicer Diets


You have probably seen so many adverts on Facebook and other advertising platforms. However, what is the meaning of MLM diet. There have been so many reports and publications about this type of diet, how it works and whether or not it’s worth trying. So, in this article, we are going to take   a close look at the juice plus diet and everything you need to know about.

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So, what is the Juice plus Diet?

The juicer diet plan is a food replace plan. The diet has three important elements:

The first one is cutting calories from your meals completely. You only need to substitute it for bars or shakes. You should increase vegetable and fruit intake. Your diet should also include juice based tablets. You can also purchase the supplements separately and it will help to bridge the gap. If your diet is not sufficient enough and it does not give you the recommended give five a day of vegetable and fruits.

How does one follow the plan?

  • You need to detox for two weeks
  • You should replace your meals a day for fourteen days, you can consume the juice plus supplement
  • What you need to know about plus supplements

According to report published by the company, the juice plus chewable and capsules are the next big thing to vegetables and fruits. The juice plus comes with 26 different ingredients. The company stated that the ingredients are formulated to give the users phytonutrients, minerals as well as vitamins that the body needs. However, this information is not fully verified.

Juice plus food

Nutrition is everything. And that is why the company immediately begins with a serious two week detox plan. For best results, you need to follow the two weeks plan so as to get rid of body toxins as well as to a juice cleanse diet that the fat stores.

Juice plus recipes

Although the detox recipe looks somewhat interesting and diverse, there are those that look a bit vague such as chicken pizza that also include parsnip chips. In actual sense, the chicken breast is nicely wrapped in peppers and tomato puree. Juice diet weight loss is something many people experience. You will to if you stick with it!

What about cheat days?

When you have completed the 14-day detox program, you get back to normal meals. However, you need to replace a few meals with juice plus shake. However, juice plus lets you have ‘’daddy’’ cheat days as well as ‘’baby’ cheat days after the 2-week detox period, if you discover everything is too restrictive. The

Does the juicer  diet really work?

If you stick to the juicer  diet, you will lose weight quickly because you are consuming very small amount of calories, whether you will be able to survive for a long time is something that is not certain. The diet is a no joke because it has serious regulations and furthermore, it is not realistic.

In addition, it is not certain if the juice plus will eventually help in weight control, because it does not show you how to eat health and maintain a good juicer diet plan in an enjoyable way. Below you can find the 7 day juice diet. Feel free to make any changes you might need. Juice diet results rely solely on you sticking with it and staying consistent. Doing so will get you the juice diet results you so desperately want.

Juice diets plan

Day one

Green juice- the green juice features parsley and celery, the two ingredients provide apigenin- a compound that destroys cancerous cells.

Day two

Tomato vegetable- when you drink a glass of vegetable every day, you will get the double the vegetable servings of those who have tried consuming more vegetables.

Day three

Strawberry- cucumber juice

Strawberries are rich in antioxidants, polyphenols which are known to reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer. They also help to keep the teeth strong and healthy.

Day four

Blueberry-cabbage power

Blueberries and red cabbage are rich in anthocyanin while help to make the brain and memory sharp.

Day five

Spinach-Apple juice

The spinach in the juice is crucial because it contains vitamin K which are known to strengthen the bones.

Day six


Beet juice is known to increase stamina, and therefore it is best taken before exercise since it helps to boost flow of blood. This in turn gets the muscles the oxygen and fuel they require.

Day seven

Carrot orange

This is the last juice you will take. Carrots and oranges are all rich in vitamins and nutrients.

The 3 day juice diet

Day one

Apple grapefruit juice

This one features two apples and two grapefruits as main ingredients. Just peel the grapefruit and core the apples. Mix them together and drink.

Lunch juice

Kale orange lemon

Take a handful of kale, 1 lemon and 3 oranges as the main ingredients. Juice the lemon after peeling the oranges and mix them together with kale and serve.

Snack juice

You can drink any vegetable or fruit juice of your liking. You can even use the leftover.

Dinner juice

Apple-ginger- carrot

You need 2 apples, 4 carrots and 1 small ginger.  Cut the top of the carrots and core the apples. Juice the apples, carrots and ginger and serve.

Day Two

Breakfast juice

Pineapple orange

Take 2 oranges and ½ pineapple as the main ingredients.  Get rid of the rind from the pineapple and core. For easy juicing, cut them into small pieces and store a half for later use. Now, peel the orange and the juice the oranges and pineapple and drink.

Lunch juice

Tomato spinach carrot

Take 2 carrots, 3 tomatoes and a small amount of spinach as the main ingredients. Juice the carrots and cut the tomatoes in wedges and mix together with spinach and server.

Snack juice

You can drink any glass of either vegetable or fruit juice.

Dinner juice

Beet carrot

Take one apple, 4 carrots and ½ beet. Juice the apple, beet and carrots together and core the apple and then serve.

Before bed

Take herbal teal (non-caffeinated)

Day three

Breakfast juice

Strawberry apple carrot

Take 1 apple, 2 cups of strawberries and 2 carrots. Juice the strawberries and carrots and mix with the apple and serve.

Lunch juice

Orange tomato celery

Take 1 tomato, 2 stalks of celery and 2 oranges. Juice the tomato, celery and tomato and mix with peeled oranges.

Snack juice

You can drink anything you want.

Dinner juice

Kale pineapple

Take ½ pineapple and 5 leaves of kale and mix them together. Serve them immediately.

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