Flexzion Cold Press Juicer Machine Review


In our modern world, things have changed greatly. Everyone or at least almost everyone tries or is trying to eat clean. Juicing is among these when dieting or eating clean is mentioned.  You may have also heard about masticating. Well, these two go together at least in terms of our machine. The masticating juicer extracts all juice from fruits to vegetables and any other edible food that you might want to get juice out from. All this is made possible thanks to a very powerful yet low-paced motor that comes with it which ensures no heat up thus maintaining the freshness and nutritional value of your ingredients.

You also get to take the juice at least within 7 hours since oxidation does not occur when it comes to this particular machine.  Thanks to the motor power that it comes with, this machine can handle any fruit whether hard or soft. Talk of wheat grass, one that is tricky juicing with most juicers, this machines does it perfectly. The motor power is just right to extract the juice that you need out of fruits and vegetables, but slow enough to ensure minimal oxidation thus keeping your juice as fresh as you prefer it.

Features Flexzion Cold Press Juicer Machine

The dimensions that this made is designed from are just perfect when you want a machine that is stable. It is also has a wide chute that allows the chopping process. The motor rotates slow enough to prevent heating and oxidation to lock in the freshness and nutritional value of your juice, but also powerful enough to crush all the contents to give you a dry pulp which is collected in the large pulp tank. The pulp reservoir capacity is large enough to hold enough residues that you don’t have to stop processing just to empty it.

  • If you a lover of juice, fresh juices for that matter. Especially the kales and spinach smoothies, you get the most out of them because of the low speed that extracts all the goodness into a glass of fresh juice
  • The cold press juicer first grinds the fruit, crush it then heat and finally squeeze the water out of the pulp thus giving you juice with less foam
  • It comes with two strainers, a course strainer and a fine strainer. Both of this two ensure that the pulp that you don’t need is removed
  • It comes with a wide mouth feed tube that allows you to put your fruits and vegetables a s whole without having to cut them first.
  • The juicer cap can be fixed onto the juice outlet to regulate the flow of juice that goes in to the pitcher

Closing out this review

This Juicer is worth every dollar you will spend on. It juices grasses too which are some of the hardest to juice and ensures that you get minimal wastage. Lastly, before you purchase the juicer machine, make sure you first of all check it features to confirm if it’s the right one. While at the store, ask as many questions as possible to ensure you are not buying a fake product.


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