Hurom Elite Slow Juicer HH Review


The new Hurom Elite Slow Juicer HH is the new kid on the block. This machine is one step ahead of all its predecessors and other brands that fall under the same price range. This slow juicer delivers nothing but the finest and silkiest nut milks, green juices and any type of juice that you want to make. From wheatgrass to soft fruits, you name it! Everything you could ever want, you can make on your own. Therefore, if you are looking for an efficient machine, the Hurom Elite juicer is worth considering.

In addition, the feedback from customers who have used this machine before will make you want to purchase sooner than you had planned. Honestly, the company has outdone itself.

 About the Hurom Elite HH Slow Juicer

This juicer machine is the latest and the best slow juicer in the market today. What it does is that it uses a slow masticating design of juicing unlike the high speed shredding form that most conventional juicer machines use. This juicer machine can give you a more nutritional juice by retaining all the nutrients and vitamins. This is the latest and the most modern version of the old Hurom juicer machine.  The company has done a number upgrades before getting to this point. And as you can see, they have not disappointed at all.

What are some of the new features in the Hurom Elite HH Slow Juicer?

The entire unit has completely re arranged or rather re-designed, this makes the juicer look extremely different and improved. All of this that thanks to the Ultem Auger design that comes with two blades. The juicer also features the new Ultem Strainer that comes uses the Motor Technology and comes with one Gear.  In addition to that, there is the Pulp Lever, this together with other components, makes it possible for the juicer machine to dispense more juice than other models, and it has less pulp and few waste materials.

Furthermore,  the speed of the motor has also been adjusted from working at the conventional juice speed of 80RPM to working at 45RPM so as to make sure that the process is as gentle as possible, and that the squeezing of vegetables and fruits is smooth. The best thing with this feature is that it reduces the volume of air that is made when the juicer is in operation. The final product is a smooth and clean juice that contains many vitamins, nutrients, enzymes as well as antioxidants. Plus the taste is exquisite.

Warranty on this juicer

Hurom is one of the most respect manufacturers of juicer machines, and for that reason, the company provides warranty for most of its products. For instance, the Hurom Juicer machine comes with a 2 year warranty an all the components as well as a ten year warranty on the motor. You can’t get a deal such as this anywhere else. The best thing about these warranties is that they help protect you from manufacturing defects for as long as you are using the machine and also to make sure your machine is working perfectly.

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