Juicer WOQI Professional Juice Extractor in Review


If you are looking for a high quality juice extractor, then look no further, we introduce to you the Juicer WOQI professional masticating vertical cold press juice extractor. Using this machine is extremely exciting. Additionally, it is available in color red.

The Juicer WOQI has the capability of extracting the highest nutritional value from all the ingredients that are in the juice, plus there is plenty of vitamins, flavor and nutrients. Unlike many other juicer machines in the market, this one uses low speed technique to extract ingredients and doesn’t only grind. This is very crucial because it retains the enzymes, and nutrients for a more flavorful and nutritious juice. That is not all, the low speed comes in handy because it makes the machine more energy-efficient.

The Juicer WOQI machine is one of the most powerful juicers in the market. It comes with an energy of 150 watts. This energy is sufficient enough to quietly and quickly extract juice without overheating, dispensing high volume of juice, unlike other types of juicers such as the standard centrifugal ones and leave dry pulp.

This juicer is also versatile is multipurpose because it can easily extract wide array of ingredients such as beans, fruits, wheatgrass, vegetables as well as leafy vegetables. Therefore, you can make any type of juice that you want.

In addition, the WOQI juicer machine comes with a two-step safety system that protects the machine against improper use and accident. Also, you need to assemble all the parts properly. The lid should also be secured tightly before you start the juicing process.

When it comes to cleaning this machine, everything is a breeze. You only need to pour enough water between the juices. Use a clean brush- the brush comes together with the machine. Gently brush the parts of the juicer to keep the machine in great condition. All the parts can be washed by dishwasher.

Another great feature of this juicer is its amazing design, it is a sleek and robust at the same time. The material used to make the body is stainless steel. This machine is designed to serve you for as long as you are using it.

Specifications of the Juicer

The juicer is made with an aluminum alloy material. The material is light yet sturdy and durable. It is also not prone to rust and scratches. The juicer has a length of 16.14 and a width of 7.9 inches and 7.9 inches high. The motor is powered by a voltage of 120 volts. In addition, it comes with a frequency of between 60 and 110Hz

Other features included

  • Standard usage time: Less than 20 minutes continuously.
  • Net weight 3.5KG; Gross weight 4.5KG.
  • The length of the electrical cord length is 1100mm.

Package contents of the machine include:

  • One main slow juicer
  • Two pitchers that measure 950ml
  • One juice cap
  • One cleaning brush
  • A single manual

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